In 1996, for the first time the "Arjaan de Schipper Trophy” had been organised. In 1999 the race is called "ZLM tour for the Arjaan de Schipper trophy". Together with thought-provoking international races such as "the Ronde van Vlaanderen" and "the tour de l'Avenir" the ZLM tour belongs to the so-called "Union Cycliste Internationale Nations Cup Under 23" competition. This means that the peloton of the ZLM tour is a international talent pool with professional riders for the next few years. Riders from all over the world wil be present in the next ZLM race. A unique race, particularly because it is the only game in the Netherlands in these UCI race Nations Cup under 23. In 2014 the race will be organizes at Saterday April 19.


Ride the final with the kiss misses ...!!!

On thursday April 17 (18.30 hr) the kiss misses Demie en Anniek will ride the final kilometers of the ZLM tour.

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Kiss misses

The kiss misses Anniek en Demi are ready for it...!!

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